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Jiangmin CVE-2011-3402 Solution Released

CVE ID:   CVE-2011-3402
Microsoft Security Advisory:   Microsoft Security Advisory (2639658)
Product Name:   KV2011
Signature:   Exploit.CVE-2011-3402
Solution Released:   2011-11-06

We just released the our KV2011 virus definition update for Nov 6th. This update involoves the detection logic for CVE-2011-3402, which is a 0-day Windows vulnerability that can lead to a remote code execution or a local privilege elevation.


According to Microsoft Security Advisory (2639658), CVE-2011-3402 is related to Win32k TrueType Font parsing engine. It has already been seen “in the wild” as an attacking vector of the Duqu malware.


We strongly recommend KV2011 users to update your virus definition immediately. If you are not using KV2011, here’s the download link for 32-bit and 64-bit installer.


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